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RCoid Pro - Remote Control

4.57 usd

Current Notice for Android 6:When developing RCoid greatest emphasis was placed on that only the permissions are demanded that are really necessary for the operation of RCoid.Under Android 6 some permissions are disabled by default.Please activate all the requested permissions so RCoid can function properly.Remote Control for Android - create your own universal remote control and take it always with you.
"RCoid Pro" is the logical development of "RCoid Free". Both apps are fully compatible with each other and use the same online-database for your devices. Your installed and created files remain unchanged and can directly continued using.
Control contemporary all your equipment like tv, radio, receiver, light control, rgb led strip, reflex camera, air handling unit and many more without long loading time and wlan. The app provides smartphones with an infrared diode like Samsung Galaxy S Series, Medion Lifetab or HTC ONE.
The ad-free „Pro-Version“ now supports widgets. Like all other files you can create them fully free and according to your needs. You also can load a specific rcf-file by the widget. Lockscreen-widgets are unfortunabely not supported.
The database of RCoid-remote controls is growing steadily. Try, if an existing file work with your equipment. Often remote-controls from the same or sometimes also from a different producer are compatible with other equipment.
Alternativ you can create your own IR remote control. You can decide the shape, the size, the rotation and the color of the buttons. The necessary IR-codes can you find in the internet.i.e.,, or are supported with IR-code-generators for RC5, RC6 and LIRC-Files(without mention of a protocoll).
If you didn‘t find a compatible file for your device or if you need help creating your widgets, please contact us at We would be pleased to help you.